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Jetvix Birthday:
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We are celebrating our 1st year in the trading world. And you know what? It was really successful, thanks to all of you.

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That's why we're giving you these gifts:

promo code with 111% bonus

  • on deposits from $10 to $500
  • from 26/02 - 10/03
  • unlimited deposits

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  • one time only
  • as a promo code via email or push
  • after applying the YELLOWDAYS code
Wherever you go, follow Yellow>>
Choose the color of optimism, strength, and positive change that Jetvix can bring you.

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Whatever happens, choose Yellow >>
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Bonus Event - YELLOWDAYS.
Promo Code to activate Bonus - YELLOWDAYS. Enter it in Your Account when making a Required Deposit until March 10, 2024 (the “Expiration Date”). Required Deposit to make - $10-$500. This gives You a Bonus of 111% of each Your Deposit made until the Expiration Date. Bonus is valid for use within 7(seven) days since its activation.
Withdrawal: Bonus is available for Withdrawal, should You perform the mandatory trading turnover. The mandatory trading turnover means the condition when the total number of Lots in Your opened and closed positions is equal to or exceeds half (½) of the amount of the activated Bonus. The Lot calculation starts since the moment the Bonus is credited to Your Account.
General: You may activate YELLOWDAYS Bonus multiple times at Your discretion. For the first activation of this Bonus, you will receive a Promo Code for a non deposit bonus of $11. The Promo Code will be sent to the email address used for registration of Your Account or via a mobile push notification. Activation is available for all our Clients, who have registered their Accounts before YELLOWDAYS Bonus Event went live. Entering Promo Code in Your Account is considered as Your full consent to participate in YELLOWDAYS Bonus Event. YELLOWDAYS Bonus Event is subject to and governed by the Client Agreement. In any case of a discrepancy between these Rules and the Client Agreement, the latter shall prevail. YELLOWDAYS Bonus Event is live since March 10, 2024.
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